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A friend recently shared this New York Times article about a Red-tailed Hawk spending time outside the White House. Attracting spectators, it perches above the East Wing windows and hunts gray squirrels. The article includes a quote from Theodore Roosevelt, former president and “birding citizen-scientist-in-chief,” who listed 93 species he spotted around Washington and on the White House Grounds. Roosevelt notes at the…

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Moody Blue’s bill

I learned something today. I learned that it is nearly impossible to capture a Great Blue Heron. No, I did not attempt this feat. And neither did anyone else. Allow me to explain. I went birding at Commonwealth Lake Park yesterday, and came across a few Great Blue Herons. As per usual, when I see these magnificent…

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How to Pronounce Pileated

Speaking of pronunciation, this one blew my mind. Pileated Woodpecker. Is it pronounced PIE-lee-ay-tid? Or PILL-ee-ay-did? I’ve always pronounced it PILL-ee-ay-ted, unaware there was even a debate. I’m a rule-follower, plus I like pie, so I’m considering switching. Sources imply PIE-lee-ay-tid is correct (and more common), but “Pill-ee-ay-did” is also acceptable. Probably how regional accents are accepted.…

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