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Bird of the Year

Each year the American Birding Association declares a “Bird of the Year.” The 2015 ABA Bird of the Year was the Green Heron. I had some fun Green Heron encounters, but my favorite bird of 2015 was the Rufous Hummingbird. (Amusingly, RUHU was 2014 ABA Bird of the Year). The Yellow-breasted Chat and Northern Pygmy-Owl were close…

By Audrey January 14, 2016 0

This year in a nutshell

What a difference a year makes. Looking back at what I’d initially hoped to get out of birding: nature, awareness, education, patience, and pictures– I think I’ve accomplished that. Since my first trip last Christmas I’ve gone on more than 80 birding trips. I have visited six states- Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska, Montana, and Florida. And…

By Audrey December 25, 2015 1

Bonney Butte and HWI

So, there’s this awesome organization called HawkWatch International. Their study site in Oregon is at this awesome place called Bonney Butte. There are several HWI monitoring sites across the American west and one in Vera Cruz, Mexico. They’re all open to the public, and visitation is encouraged (!). The sites are set up along optimal raptor migration paths where…

By Audrey October 17, 2015 2