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This year in a nutshell

What a difference a year makes. Looking back at what I’d initially hoped to get out of birding: nature, awareness, education, patience, and pictures– I think I’ve accomplished that. Since my first trip last Christmas I’ve gone on more than 80 birding trips. I have visited six states- Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska, Montana, and Florida. And…

By Audrey December 25, 2015 1

Bird Checklist; species so far: 264!

This list includes 534 species of birds that have occurred in Oregon, as of December 2014. Over the next year, I’ll mark the birds green that I’ve seen or heard. I’m using this list as a guide as I will also include birds I see in the surrounding Pacific Northwest. List source: John Rakestraw’s blog.…

By Audrey December 28, 2014 0