Steigerwald, Birdathon, and Florida

April 2, 2016 0 By Audrey

They all have something in common I promise.

First Steigerwald.  Burrowing Owl reports showed up on eBird at this park and it’s not far from my house. Did someone say Burrowing Owl?! – pinch me, I’m dreaming. As soon as Tomas and I could inch through rush hour traffic and cross the river, we went to see if we could find the bird before sunset.

Where's owl

Luckily, we got there before the big cameras left because the owl was hard to find. The helpful photographers pointed it out to us. See it?

Where's Owldo?

Where’s Owldo?

Just the top of his head was visible above the rock. Here’s the best view we got that evening.

Burrowing Owl

I also saw a couple of the Say’s Phoebes hanging out nearby.

Say's Phoebe

And a pretty lake and stuff.

Redtail Lake

Since the park is so close, and owls are so cool, I went back the next morning to try for a better look at the burrowing fella. I bumped into a fellow birding friend when I arrived at the park gate, so we walked together.

On the way through the park, we crossed over the bridge and heard a splash underneath. And then several river otters (ridder odders!) climbed out onto a log to say hello.

River otter

River otter

They kept coming, until five popped out, then they all retreated under water and swam away. What an adorable surprise!

Little owly was slightly more cooperative this morning thanks to nearby Ring-necked Pheasants and an agitated American Robin.

Burrowing Owl

Things calmed down and the owl hunkered down again in the comfy concrete slabs.

Burrowing Owl

I love this bird. And unfortunately, it has attracted more attention, and folks aren’t giving it the space that it deserves. Getting too close, harassing, and even yelling at the bird? Who does that? Someone reported this to the local Fish and Wildlife Office, so hopefully the creeps stay away and don’t stress the owl.

The whole thing reminds me of the time I went looking for a specific owl and her owlets, and my conflicted feelings about encroaching on these creatures’ space for my own birding pleasure. How much is too much? Where is the line? Morals and ethics, people. Let’s all keep them in check, shall we?

Which brings me to Birdathon. It’s a simple way to give back, help Audubon educate the masses, and keep burrowing owls happy. I’ve joined the Put an Owl on It team again this year and good things are happening in June. I need to raise a minimum of $600, and you can help! Donate here.

Now a final stop at Florida, to thank my dad for his kind donation (!) and for documenting and sharing with me the most peculiar relationship between a Great Horned Owl and Blue Jay.

best buds

best buds

best buds

They are obviously best buds. The hopes of seeing stuff like this is why I leave my house. Cracks me up!

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