Birders: The Central Park Effect

February 17, 2015 0 By Audrey

I highly recommend this movie about birds and the people who watch them.

In it, one birder named Chris Cooper explains what he calls:

The 7 pleasures of birding

#1 The beauty of the birds.

#2 The joy of being in a natural setting.

#3 The joy of scientific discovery.

#4 The joys of hunting without the bloodshed – stalk without killing.

#5 The joy of puzzle-solving; a game of what am I seeing? Can I figure out what this is?

#6 The joy of collecting – keep lists, every time you get a new bird you add to the collection.

#7 The Unicorn Effect–“After you’ve been birding for even a little while, there are birds you’ve heard of or seen in field books books that capture your imagination, but you’ve never seen for yourself in real life…and then one day, there it is in front of you, as if some mythical creature has stepped out of a storybook and come to life. There’s no thrill quite like it.”

I can relate to all of those perks and I’m thankful others share a similar sentiment. Check out the movie!

Update: Netflix recently lost the license to stream Birders: The Central Park Effect. Consider emailing them a request to reacquire this movie! In the meantime, it’s available to rent for a small fee on or Itunes.

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