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Steigerwald and Warblers!

A week ago, my boyfriend Tomas joined me on one of my best birding trips yet. I was hesitant to try out Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge before the seasonal trails open (May-Nov), but it was totally worth going. The park is a picturesque 1,049 acre setting of pastures, woodlands, and wetlands along the Columbia River with plenty to see…

By Audrey April 13, 2015 0

Short-eared Owls

By the end of my work day Monday I felt twitchy. After birding last weekend I was eager to be outside again, but by the time I leave my desk-job it’s nearly 5pm and long past ideal birding time…but perhaps it is a good time to see owls. For fun, I checked the BirdsEye app. I’m still…

By Audrey March 13, 2015 0

Shillapoo-Ridgefield Trip

What. A. Day. Many highs and lows. Highs: President’s day! A day off to go birding! It’s 60 degrees and sunny in Portland! I decided to check out Shillapoo Wildlife Area in Washington because it’s a 2370-acre wildlife area and because it has a funny sounding name. “Silly-poo.” I took off early for the long drive and arrived at the parking…

By Audrey February 17, 2015 0