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Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden III

I’m taking a duck class! Thanks to Audubon, I have access to expert guidance to learn about birds. It’s incredibly rewarding to learn what to focus my attention on when in the field. Learning field marks is the key to telling all those bunches of feathers apart from one another. It was a sunny field trip…

By Audrey March 8, 2015 4

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden II

What do you do when you have a couple of extra hours in the morning before Barre class? Go birding, of course! This second trip to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden revealed what it looks like when it’s not pouring rain – spoiler alert!- it’s exceptionally gorgeous. I took some decent photos, I think. How kindly of the birds to pose for…

By Audrey March 2, 2015 0