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Oahu Part 8 – Final Chapter

On our last morning on Oahu, just hours before our plane was to take off, we dared to squeeze in one more hike. Tomas’s legs had healed enough to walk normally and I couldn’t resist another chance for seabirds. Makapu`u Point Hike on the southeastern point of the island is rumored to have amazing sunrises…

By Audrey February 3, 2017 3

Oahu Part 1- Kona Brewing Co.

One way to celebrate turning 40 is to run a marathon. That was Tomas’s bright idea of how he wanted to spend his birthday this December. Months ago he signed up for the Honolulu Marathon and trained diligently. I would be going along for the ride, no running this time for me. But birding? All…

By Audrey December 19, 2016 12