Tag: Bewick’s Wren

Johnson Road

Regardless of the grey overcast skies over Memorial Day weekend, I set out on an adventure to Johnson Road, hot with warbler fever. Johnson Road is in the middle of nowhere, but it was the center my universe this weekend since Hermit Warblers were sighted there recently. The forest land surrounding the road is owned by…

By Audrey June 8, 2015 3

Too cute not to share

One side effect of being open (and verbal) about my birding is that friends and family share their bird stories and pictures with me. I love it. An adorable example is from my friend and coworker, Mark Grassberger, who recently figured out which small, energetic, brown bird with a white eye-stripe had moved in right outside his back door.…

By Audrey April 23, 2015 0

Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Original weekend plans for Indian Heaven Wilderness thwarted by rain, my boyfriend and I headed east instead to explore a new state park, celebrate our 50th monthiversary, and see what birds we could find! The rugged, dry-side Cottonwood Canyon State Park, established recently in 2013, is rich in sagebrush, wildlife, stunning canyon views, and plenty of…

By Audrey March 24, 2015 5