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Since I started purposefully birding a month ago I’ve been on 12 trips and seen 67 species! It has been a joy to venture out and see what I can find. Even on cold rainy days like today. I made a quick trip to Whittaker Ponds and saw Canada Geese, Steller’s Jay, Ring-necked Ducks, Great…

By Audrey February 1, 2015 0


I had a total birdgasm when I got a close-up look at this fierce beauty: My boyfriend and I took the Bolt bus from Portland up to Seattle to celebrate 4 fun years together. Before leaving, we discussed our expectations for the trip (because that’s what you do after 4 years together). Would we A:…

By Audrey January 31, 2015 0

Bird Checklist; species so far: 264!

This list includes 534 species of birds that have occurred in Oregon, as of December 2014. Over the next year, I’ll mark the birds green that I’ve seen or heard. I’m using this list as a guide as I will also include birds I see in the surrounding Pacific Northwest. List source: John Rakestraw’s blog.…

By Audrey December 28, 2014 0