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Panamania Day 2: Pipeline Road

Our first real day in Panama began early in the morning when our birding guide Saul picked us up from the hotel. My mom and I are really lucky because it was basically random internet searching and reading reviews that led me to Panama Pipeline Bird Tours. I’m sure a lot of birding guides are…

By Audrey November 3, 2019 4

Panamania Day 1: Riande Airport Hotel

An international birding trip was inevitable. I was inspired by my friend Eric’s trip to Panama when he told me many people speak English, you can drink the water, they use American currency, it’s safe, oh and it has more bird species than the United States and Canada combined even though it’s about the size…

By Audrey October 31, 2019 2

A Sunny Oregon Pelagic

Barely a month back from my California pelagic trip, it was time to set sail again. This time from my favorite place, Newport, OR, and this time with friends, because boat trips are even better with barf-buddies. Lucky for us, it was a calm day at sea and we had some good drugs and good…

By Audrey September 23, 2019 0