Author: Audrey

Panamania Day 7: Metropolitan National Park

I was excited for the Metropolitan National Park because it is in the heart of Panama City, the only wildlife refuge within city limits, and it was just a 10-minute taxi ride from our hotel. I was also nervous, because this was our first morning birding without our guide, Saul. The crutches were off…would we…

By Audrey November 25, 2019 0

Panamania Day 6: Old Town, and then some

After a full morning of birding, playing with monkeys, or exploring Panama, my mom and I would retreat in the late afternoons to the rooftop lounge of our Best Western hotel. Sometimes we’d hang out in the pool. Or I’d get creamed in cribbage. Occasionally I’d look up from the roof to see a kettle…

By Audrey November 22, 2019 0

Panamania Day 5: Altos de Campana

Reunited again with our guide Saul, it was time to explore Panama’s oldest national park, Altos de Campana. Established in 1966, the 4,817 acre park is located on the western slopes of the Panama Canal and unlike other parts of Panama we’d seen so far, it is higher elevation, including the eastern-most peaks of the…

By Audrey November 16, 2019 1