Month: July 2015

Mount Margaret Backcountry

In an attempt to escape the city for a weekend, my boyfriend and I headed to Mount Margaret Backcountry, a rugged and gorgeous setting north of Mt St Helens in the Blast Zone of the 1980 eruption. We hiked 6 miles in to Panhandle Lake. It was here at our campsite that I was spoiled with…

By Audrey July 26, 2015 0

Sauvie Island Summer

I met the coolest bird on this trip. I arose early. Before sunrise, I went to Oak Road on Sauvie Island in the hopes of finding summer birds. I also wanted to take advantage of “the golden hour.” It was more like “the golden hour of the cow.” Savannah Sparrows showed me their good sides. And I…

By Audrey July 7, 2015 3

Ridgefield NWR

Here are some highlights from a recent summer trip I took to Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. I saw two new species! One, a Blue-winged Teal. If I’d realized at the time, I would have attempted better pictures. And Two. This barely recognizable silhouette that looks more like a deflated balloon torpedoing away, is none other than a Wilson’s Snipe.…

By Audrey July 2, 2015 2