Month: March 2015

Lloyd Lunch Walk II

Bingo. That, my friends, is a red tail. I found the nest! One advantage to working super early on the 10th floor, I’m up with the birds. Later in the day, I found a better vantage point of the nest. But no one was home. I’ll check back another day. Earlier this same week there…

By Audrey March 28, 2015 0

Smith and Bybee with Angela

A few weeks ago, my cousin, Angela, from Seattle expressed an interest in birding together. I was tickled. She is currently earning her Master of Arts degree in Museology from University of Washington, and is also a talented science illustrator focusing on “microhabitats” such as slime molds, mosses, and ferns. She’s pretty kick-ass. We met at Smith and…

By Audrey March 27, 2015 0

Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Original weekend plans for Indian Heaven Wilderness thwarted by rain, my boyfriend and I headed east instead to explore a new state park, celebrate our 50th monthiversary, and see what birds we could find! The rugged, dry-side Cottonwood Canyon State Park, established recently in 2013, is rich in sagebrush, wildlife, stunning canyon views, and plenty of…

By Audrey March 24, 2015 0