Month: October 2015

Broughton Beach

All the cool kids headed to Broughton Beach recently to check out Lapland Longspurs. The beach is a quick drive from my house, so I thought I’d try my luck too. I was pleasantly surprised to find a Least Sandpiper. A Great Blue Heron. An American Pipit. A Savannah Sparrow taking a mud bath. A Savannah Sparrow hiding in…

By Audrey October 24, 2015 0

Perpetua Bank Pelagic Tour

This fall, I spent a day out in the Pacific Ocean with Oregon Pelagic Tours, in search of pelagic birds. Or as I like to call it, a day in the life of a bulimic. The trip started out great. I couldn’t be more excited at the chance to see skuas, albatross, and maybe even…

By Audrey October 18, 2015 6

Bonney Butte and HWI

So, there’s this awesome organization called HawkWatch International. Their study site in Oregon is at this awesome place called Bonney Butte. There are several HWI monitoring sites across the American west and one in Vera Cruz, Mexico. They’re all open to the public, and visitation is encouraged (!). The sites are set up along optimal raptor migration paths where…

By Audrey October 17, 2015 2