Month: April 2015

Birdathon 2015

Birding is hard. Fundraising is hard. But they’re both important, so I’ve joined Audubon’s Birdathon 2015!  This Saturday, I’m owling from before sunrise to beyond sunset on team Put an Owl on It. Our goal is to find six target species by the end of the day: Northern Saw-whet Owl, Northern Pygmy-Owl, Great Horned Owl, Western Screech-Owl,…

By Audrey April 29, 2015 0

Commonwealth Lake Park and Cedar Mill Wetlands

Aside from Moody’s bill, my trip to Commonwealth Lake Park last weekend was fantastic. Bird-word on the street is that Green Herons nest here, plus, this spot is close to Cedar Mill Wetlands where the BirdsEye app shows a Rufous Hummingbird visited two days prior (!!). The first bird I saw though, was a warbler! The uniform yellow-green color, sharp…

By Audrey April 27, 2015 0

Too cute not to share

One side effect of being open (and verbal) about my birding is that friends and family share their bird stories and pictures with me. I love it. An adorable example is from my friend and coworker, Mark Grassberger, who recently figured out which small, energetic, brown bird with a white eye-stripe had moved in right outside his back door.…

By Audrey April 23, 2015 0